What Is Our Approach

Since 2003, we’ve designed hundreds of custom products. Our experienced engineering team provides expert design, verification, and prototype development. Bestol’s engineers serve as an extension of your engineering team, offering design support, prototyping, all the way to zero production.

Our design engineers select the best technologies and materials and design a solution to suit your requirements. We use our extensive experience in elastomers, foam and plastic materials and diverse manufacturing processes to optimize designs.

In addition to providing engineering and design support, our engineers also ensure that all products are Designed-For-Manufacturability (DFM). Production/manufacturing engineers consult with designers early in the design phase to ensure feasibility and cost optimization. Our team works to balance requirements with innovation, cost, delivery, and quality requirements. This team approach allows Bestol to quickly transition ideas into prototypes, and then into production.

Bestol’s manufacturing facility registered to ISO 9000:2011 quality management system standards.

Our Quality team works very closely with our engineering and manufacturing teams to achieve precise control and manufacturing limits to meet our customer’s requirements. By involving our quality team very early in the AQL process, customer satisfaction is achieved and maintained at a very high service level.

Final Audits, Internal Audits, and 3rd party Audits are conducted by our associates to continually monitor and improve our process.

Commited to Quality Since 2003

True integration with materials allows for maximum control over our products which stand up to the toughest demands. Priding ourselves on our systems and processes, the Bestol Quality Team is able to provide a comprehensive regulatory service and compliance. All of our products go through a rigorous set of quality checks, testing and auditing including:

  • Mold qualification and validation process
  • Incoming inspection and monitoring of all raw materials
  • In–process monitoring and verification of manufacturing process
  • 100% FQC and sampling OQA and testing
  • Rigid compliance to documentation of customers
  • AQL standards auditing of each production lot after packaging (SSP Level II)