Lower back pain

Published by: Ted Yan August 21, 2020

The lower back supports the weight of the upper body, while providing mobility for everyday activities and motions. The muscles in the lower back are responsible for bending and twisting the hips while walking or running.

While some lower back pain is associated with disease, the vast majority is the result of some kind of injury, such as muscle strain due to movements, misalignment or poor mechanics while lifting.

Podiatrists can help with some lower back pain where misalignment of the feet (overpronation) is present, causing a chain reaction of movements through the body including the lower back. Along with gait analysis and therapies, they may also prescribe orthotics to help realign how the feet articulate themselves on the ground, affecting the body’s posture and gait.

The resulting realignment of the rear of the foot prevents pronation, which in turn stops this painful domino effect from occurring.