Design and innovation

Good product design is not an accident. Bestol is a strategic supporter of product design and engineering, realizing that lasting success is mutual success. Our team of designers, toolmakers and quality control specialists are ready to support all phases of our projects and offer integrated project management, working closely together with the customer to ensure a smooth transition from initial design to final product


Our aim is to improve effectiveness, saving you time and costs by minimising design revisions and lead times. The latest design technology is used to provide advanced surfacing and fully integrated manufacturing applications and the in house design team will continuously assess your product to ensure we are utilising the most efficient manufacturing processes.


Design services available include:


1 Component design: full 3D / 2D, part design reflects manufacture and assembly parameters.


2 Polymer selection: suitability to meet client specifications, suggestions on alternatives to existing materials.


3 Mould flow analysis: fast track suggestions on improving mouldability.


4 Rapid prototype model manufacture, by means of:




• High speed CNC machining.


• Vacuum casting (polyurethane).


• Vacuum forming.


5 Prototype mould tool design, aluminium or steel.


6 Single or multi-cavity mould tool design, including hot runner systems where required


7 Design assessment of existing tools, with suggestions to improve, or extend tool longevity


Bestol has experience and confidence developing parts in CAD to be production-ready. Our designers are directly responsible for getting a new design into production. We have an intimate understanding of the mechanical engineering and the documentation required to communicate that design on the factory floor. Drawings are then matched to the production process, whether that it be injection-molded plastics, castings or thermoformed. Part detailing and design engineering are always part of the development process and Bestol provides the support. This allows us to maintain design control, while at the same time ensuring parts meet and exceed applicable standards.