Engineering and tooling

Good product design is not an accident. Bestol is a strategic supporter of product design and engineering, realizing that lasting success is mutual success. We have a wide array of capabilities upon which we can draw to meet our customers’ needs. When it comes to designing and engineering foot care products, Bestol is supported by a creative staff of designers and engineers ready to support all phases of our projects.


Engineering Team


We are specialized in a wide range of mechanical and production engineering disciplines. Our design engineers are experienced and adept at reviewing initial customer information and will communicate design progress at key intervals. Working together with other Bestol teams, the engineering team shares the goal of achieving the highest quality standards, with timely delivery.


Production Team


Working together with our qualified engineers, our production technicians are fully experienced in the plastics industry, with strengths in injection moulding , urethane casting and compression moulding. We can assist you with creative and effective tool design, eliminate risk associated with late deliveries and strengthen your margins through process improvement.


Quality Assurance Team


Bestol’s commitment to continuous improvement is a core part of our culture. You hear it said, and see the progress all the time in the halls of our facilities. Registered with the most globally recognized quality standards including ISO and BSCI, we are able to maintain our own quality assurance programs across key functional groups. These programs constantly grow and expand with our company. You can be assured that every product, every service we provide is delivered according to high standards for quality and efficiency.


Quality Policy


Bestol and its employees are committed to providing our customers with quality products that will meet or exceed their requirements. This drive for excellence in quality and customer service enables us to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.


Project management


Innovation is more than an idea. It depends on a complexity of factors, which require skilled management and execution. A challenge in product development and innovation is bringing together these factors鈥?customers, developers, engineers and partners to work as an integrated team, and deliver effective results..great results! To this end, Bestol’s international Project Management team supports you and your new product needs every step of the way, leading communication, while managing engineering actions, continued testing, recognizing optimization potential and directing proper implementation when we move from product development, to manufacturing. Development projects need to be well-structured and effectively organized so that their complexity is managed, ensuring deadlines, budgets and pre-defined quality goals can be met.