Case Studies

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Air Insole


Solving product challenges with new ways of thinking and alternative technologies

The Challenge:

An American inventor was looking for a way to evolve a successful but problematic liquid-based bladder insole product. The inventor needed a partner with a solid engineering team and a commitment to innovation to help bring his ideas to life. 

The Solution:

Faced with the occasional product failure of the legacy liquid insole product, the US inventor and Bestol worked together to identify new approaches to the materials and construction of the product to bring about better comfort, reliability, and to overcome the transportation issues that affect liquid-based products.

In pursuit of this innovation and product improvement, the client and Bestol together determined that if we could replace liquid with “air”, it would have numerous commercial and logistical benefits.  In addition, it was considered that injected air if applied correctly in the insole construction could actually improve the shock dispersion, and ultimately deliver greater comfort.

In cooperation with material vendors, Bestol engineers developed a urethane film bladder construction, and a manufacturing methodology to replace liquid with controlled and measured does of injected air. Numerous material and manufacturing options were tested during the development phase of this product.  Bestol calibrated for consistent air filling and sealing, leakage mitigation, and potential bursting that the product experienced under excessive force.  Ultimately Bestol arrived at an ideal gauge of urethane film, combined with an elegant air-injection and high frequency sealing method that ensured a strong bladder seal, with consistent air volume for ideal comfort and minimal risk of degradation. 

The Success:

The results were positive, delivering improvements in comfort, cost of goods, ease of transport and an even more marketable product.
With close collaboration with the inventor, Bestol was able to deliver on and even exceed the product and commercial goals, and the brand is currently enjoying a positive reception in the marketplace.