Cast Urethane

Polyurethanes are materials which offer a dynamic properties which can be tailored to a wide range of applications, including foot wear and cushioning products. Casted polyurethanes make ideal materials for cushioning and footwear due to their excellent physical properties like cushioning, flexibility, abrasion, durability and low density, and other elements that cause traditional parts to wear prematurely and eventually fail. Urethane insoles can be engineered with a variety of materials and material densities, including gel sections, and combined or laminated with other foams or fabrics. Bestol works closely with our partners and design teams to develop innovative solutions for every client and product opportunity. Our engineering and development team has deep, extensive experience with a wide range of proven polyurethane materials and the ability to formulate compounds to meet the specific needs of our customer’s projects, including:

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Compression Molding

Producing parts using compression molding can be a reliable and cost effective for many products, including footwear. The more parts you are able to produce per cycle, the lower the cost. Compression molding is ideal for parts that require low to moderate hardness. Bestol leverages both hot and cold compression molding capabilities, and these processes enable us to take sheet foams, like EVA, VBR, TPE and open cell Urethane Foam and generate contours using heat and pressure.

With our compression molding technologies we are able to mold both open and closed celled materials, delivering an expansive range of part designs with varying degrees of complexity and detail.

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3D Printing

Bestol offers advanced high-quality, production or prototype 3D printing (additive manufacturing) services. Whether you need prototypes or production parts, we can deliver them fast (in just a few days), with precision, and cost effectively. We print everything from single prototypes to thousands of production-grade parts for the Footwear, Foot Care, Medical and Sporting Goods industries.

We use the latest additive manufacturing technology to build affordable functional parts in dozens of plastics and resins. Bestol offers a range ofhigh-quality 3D printing processes including:

⦁ FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling
⦁ FFF – Fused Filament Fabrication
⦁ SLA – Stereolithography
⦁ SLS – Selective Laser Sintering

3D Prototyping

With 3D printing and prototyping, you can get a finished product in as fast as 3 days. Samples maintain a high degree of consistency and performance, reflecting complex geometries, tight tolerances, high-quality finishes, and other refined details.

With the speed and good economies of 3D rapid prototyping, it allows for parallel sampling of multiple design paths and a quick feasibility and design correction process. These advantages afford engineers and product managers early insight on feasibility and functionality, before moving to user testing and production.

Injection Molding

Bestol is experienced in part and mold design, prototyping, tooling, and injection molding, with a focus on industries like Footwear, Foot Care, Medical and Sporting Goods.

At Bestol we can offer low or high volume, high-quality injection molding for prototypes and production parts. We specialize in complex projects, providing solutions from prototyping to production, working hand-in-hand with clients from design to production.

Injection molding is a cost-effective way to produce plastic parts at scale and offers consistent quality for low or high volume manufacturing. Molding also has a tremendous variety of materials, colors and configurations as well as custom cosmetics and surface textures.

Bestol’s Injection Molding Services

  • Tailored technology solutions including Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Over Molding, Prototyping and Finishing
  • China and Vietnam production options
  • International Project Management team offering design feedback and project communication every step of the way
  • Single and multi-cavity tooling options
  • Wide variety of plastic materials and colorants including ABS, PP, TPE, TPU, Nylon and much more
  • Quality Guaranteed – Every part delivered by Bestol to your specification and with Bestol’s Quality Guarantee

Lean & Green Manufacturing

Short processing cycles ensures optimum efficiency and productivity. With our 11 injection molding machines ranging from 120 tons to 320 tons, cycles take up typically from a few seconds to a few minutes, and includes clamping, injection, cooling, and ejection. When the injection molding cycle and post processing are complete, certain material like thermoplastics can be recycled providing for lean manufacturing and supporting Bestol’s Go Green initiatives.

Custom Sewing & Knitting

Bestol is a trusted textile manufacturer with capabilities in specialized sewn products for mid- and high-volume production. Our team has the experience and ability to manage all aspects of the manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality standards from design, product development, sampling, production and delivery.

Bestol’s knowledge and experience in fabricated and sewn items spans industries including:

⦁ Medical and Orthopedic Soft Goods
⦁ Compression Socks
⦁ Safety Gloves
⦁ Phone Carriers and Arm Straps
⦁ Backpacks and Running packs
⦁ Cycling wear
⦁ Protective Facemasks

Bestol has sophisticated sewing and textile manufacturing partners in Vietnam and China. Our partners’ advanced manufacturing facilities allows us to accommodate complex constructions, demanding schedules, and deliver high quality products at compelling low costs. Across the expanse of manufacturing platforms, Bestol focuses on innovation and technology, and textiles is no different. These fabrication facilities are equipped with technologies and processes that includes:

⦁ Sewing Product Fabrication
⦁ Digital Patterning
⦁ Laser Cutting
⦁ Hot press
⦁ Computer-aided Sewing
⦁ Thermal Molding
⦁ Ultrasonic Welding
⦁ Metal Work and Fabrication
⦁ Screen Printing
⦁ Sublimation Printing

Bestol’s engineering and development teams have decades of experience across a diversity of textile products and industries – making us a reliable and proven fabrication partner.

We’re committed to excellence and the highest quality standards for our customers, and work tirelessly to continuously improve our efficiency and value.

Product Development Services

Research & Design

Our team of in-house designers and project managers work closely with you, applying rigorous process, shared experience, and contemporary, technology-driven sensibility.

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Development & Manufacturing

Bestol has distinguished itself based on first-time quality and on-time delivery. Our state-of-the-art systems and equipment enhance more than 20 years of experience in developing innovative footwear and footcare solutions to complex customer needs.

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Quality Assurance

Bestol is strongly committed to quality and our quality control systems are accredited to ISO. All products conform to Bestol and our customer’s high standards as a result of our skilled technicians and the most advanced manufacturing equipment, inspection, and testing devices.

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